Mahmud Aslam
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Gray’s Inn
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Crime Licensing Immigration

Mahmud has vast and extensive trial experience in criminal defence cases, including ‘multi-handers’, both as Leading and Junior Counsel. He has a flair for creating openings in complex and difficult criminal cases and is particularly strong on cross-examination and closing speeches.

He has acted successfully in a number of high profile cases which have received considerable national and international media coverage.

Over the years he has represented defendants charged with Terrorism, nearly every type of Murder (including Infanticide), Attempted Murder, Arson, Armed Robbery, Blackmail, Conspiracy, Gang related violence, Kidnapping, Organised Criminal Activity, Serious Sexual Offences, Serious Physical Violence, Advanced Fee Fraud, Company Fraud, Importation of Drugs, Large Scale Benefits Fraud, Large Scale Counterfeit Goods Offences, Money Laundering, Mortgage Fraud, and Student Loans Fraud. A number of these cases have involved cross-examination of professional witnesses, particularly in the Medical, Financial and Telecoms fields involving Cell-Site, Voice Analysis and Facial Mapping. His lay clients have included people from all walks of life including Accountants, Barristers, Barristers' Clerks, Clergymen, Doctors and Solicitors.

Notable Cases

  • R v Zheng Liang: £Million+ Counterfeit Goods.
  • R v K. & Ors: Attempted Murder/Beheading, S.18 GBH - it was determined there was no case to answer for K.
  • R v H.M.: Raising funds for Terrorism & suspected Suicide Bomber.
  • R v Khan & Ors: Mosque Riots.
  • R v Jananto: Involving the stabbing of the D.P.P?Äôs husband.
  • R v Jananto: Perverting the course of Justice, Philip Lawrence, Head Master Murder case.
  • R v Badeshah: Multi-Million pound Bankers Draft Fraud.
  • R v Betton: Marian Bates Murder/Robbery
  • R v Connors: £388k Dishonesty Offences.
  • R v Sweeney: First ever prosecution of a Harley Street Doctor supplying Rohypnol and other substances.
  • R v Davey: Acting as Leading Counsel in Murder case involving a Beheading.
  • R v Stewart & Ors: Acting as Leading Counsel in London underground Fraud Case.
  • R v Garriques: Contract GBH -'acid attack'.
  • R v Alausa & Anor: Defence for one of the prime movers behind an International Advanced Fee Fraud.
  • R v Henry & Anor: the Ainlee Walker Child Murder Case.
  • R v Jutty & Ors: Acting as Leading Counsel in case involving a series of Kidnaps and Professional Ransom demands.
  • R v Pierce & Ors: Acting as Leading Counsel in case of Murder by stabbing where issues of Causation were raised, including Medical Negligence.
  • R v Reverend Mabo: Facilitating Illegal Entry into the UK.
  • R v Raja & Ors: Multi million pound fraud committed against Mobile Telephone Companies.
  • R v Onokah & Ors: Acted as Leading Counsel in the 'Romford Knife Murder case' which was all caught on CCTV, leading to a Press Campaign for deterrent Sentences for knife crimes. Onokah was Aquitted of Murder.
  • R v Aina & Anor: Student Loan frauds involving multiple false identities.
  • R v Shonobi & Ors: Acted as Leading Counsel in Mortgage Fraud involving in excess of 170 properties and several million pounds.
  • R v Younis & Ors: Firearms; suspected hitmen.

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LLB (Hons)