Instruct Us

Whether you are a solicitor, a surveyor or a member of the public, Staple Inn’s team of barristers can assist you should you require representation or advice.

Services for Solicitors

Staple Inn has a wide range of solicitor clients including in-house commercial solicitors and local authority lawyers as well as those in private practice. We provide all the traditional services one would expect of a barristers’ chambers, from representation at court and written advice to training seminars and mediation services.

Staple Inn has a firm base of instructing firms which have briefed our members for many years because we recognise the importance of building firm and lasting relationships with our clients and going above and beyond the call of duty where necessary. In particular, Staple Inn has a firm and sympathetic grasp of the pressures facing Local Government lawyers in the current economic and political climate.

Our experienced and approachable team of clerks have the knowledge and skills to direct clients to the appropriate barrister for any particular case, depending on its complexity.

Generally, in privately funded matters, our barristers work on fixed fees or hourly rates. Fees will depend on the seniority of the barrister and the type and complexity of the case. As a guide, the hourly rate range is currently between £200+VAT and £450+VAT per hour. Timescales for completing the case will also depend on the type and complexity of the case and the availability of the barrister you wish to instruct.

Cases that qualify for legal aid will be billed under the legal aid regulations and in accordance with Legal Aid Agency guidance and practice.

Please advise if your case is exempt from VAT and on what basis, as VAT will be charged on all fees unless you notify us otherwise.

We are happy to provide fee estimates in advance of work being undertaken and agree a timeline for the delivery of the work. Please contact the clerks to obtain a quotation for legal services.